Small Business Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Small Business Marketing is an integral driver of new company and sales for any organization. In today’s consumer driven market, it is critical that your Small Business Marketing plan differentiate itself from all others. And yet, small marketing budgets usually include only 7 to 8 percent of a company’s overall sales. In a marketplace marked by an almost-permanent flow of advertisements no matter where consumers go, good marketing campaigns are essential to getting your message noticed above the fray of competing brands, services, and products. When in doubt of your Small Business Marketing success, ask yourself: “Is my company’s marketing strategy leveraging all the tools necessary to attract new customers?” The answer, of course, should be “Yes!”

Small Business Marketing consists of many different disciplines that helps small business owners achieve their marketing goals. One of these disciplines is effective advertising. Advertising is perhaps the single most important component of a successful Small Business Marketing plan. Properly implemented advertising helps build brand awareness while simultaneously establishing a strong customer base. Advertising also helps Small Business owners establish a competitive advantage by helping them differentiate their product or service from that of their competitors.

Small Business Marketing choices help create a value proposition that customers find attractive. Without a clear value proposition, or a way to clearly identify what your Small Business Marketing plans are, customers will be very hesitant to buy from you. Customers want to know that they have made a significant investment in the opportunity to purchase your product or service. A Small Business Marketing plan should help your target market understand the tangible benefits associated with making your investment.

Small Business Marketing decisions also must take into consideration the target market. This means choosing the best advertising method(s) and media platforms to reach your target market. It is common for Small Business Owners to choose multiple marketing options when attempting to increase business revenue and popularity. Many Small Business owners believe that the best marketing option is to create a strong online presence through social media platforms such as Facebook. Others opt to use multi-platform advertising through a variety of print and broadcast media outlets.

Each of these marketing options offers Small Business owners unique opportunities to market their products or services. Some of the best Small Business Marketing options include: Affiliate Marketing campaigns, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Blogs, Press Releases, Email List Building, and Sales and Marketing Programs. Many of these advertising options are free or cost less than traditional advertising methods. Affiliate marketing campaigns include pay-per-click advertising, content-based advertising, and cost per impression advertising. Email Marketing campaigns include using pre-written email messages, bulk e-mail marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) programs.

Social media is the newest form of internet advertising and one of the fastest growing marketing strategies in today’s marketplace. Small Business owners can create and manage their own successful social media marketing campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and more. Social media tools such as Facebook applications, widgets, plugins, and third-party applications are available to help Small Business owners advertise their products and services through their social media sites. Email marketing tools include using email campaigns, mass-marketing campaigns, opt-in lists, and contact lists. Sales and marketing programs offer great ways to reach your target audience and create greater sales for your business.

Small Business Marketing through advertising can have a profound impact on your bottom line. The tactics and strategies used will depend on the type of Small Business you have and the type of products and/or services you provide. There are multiple marketing strategies that Small Business owners should consider using depending upon their targeted audience and bottom line. These marketing strategies may include, but are not limited to: direct mail, telemarketing, television, and print ads. With the internet and social media tools available to businesses today, marketing can be an effective way to reach your audience.

Each business should determine how much marketing budget they are able to dedicate to marketing each year. Marketing can be a costly effort, especially if you’re targeting a large audience. To effectively market, you should first define your audience, find creative ways to engage your audience, and then find affordable marketing tactics. As your business grows, you can increase marketing efforts as needed, but your first step is always to define your audience, find creative ways to connect with your audience, and then find affordable marketing tactics.

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