How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Books

Marketing your eBook or printed book through an Author Marketing Plan will help you maximize sales. But it takes a big effort! There are five basic steps you should follow to market your eBooks. These include creating a unique author identity, building your author biography, finding your niche, distributing your work and collecting funds.

Your author identity is your personality behind your eBook. It’s the image you want your readers to have of you. It’s a description of who you are. Creating a unique author identity is important because it helps to build your reputation, self-image and your business identity. Your author profile is essential for author marketing for two reasons.

First, it allows you to carve out a unique voice and create a unique image in your industry. By customizing your author profile, you create the basis for attracting a specific audience for your work. Self-published authors may have a difficult time drawing in a crowd of readers because most traditionally published authors market their books in mainstream venues such as the major bookstores. Nonfiction books typically sell better to readers interested in other kinds of reading, according to a study published in PLR Journal. Traditionalists tend to prefer nonfiction to fiction and this may discourage self-publishers from publishing works on a more niche topic. Building your author profile helps to give you a distinctive voice, and your niche audience will gravitate toward your works based on who you are, not based on what you write.

Second, building an author profile will allow you to start building your network of contacts and to expand your customer base. A good author marketing strategy should always include building contacts and networking with potential customers. The Internet has revolutionized how people communicate and many individuals remain loyal to established contact networks over the Internet even when those networks are impersonal like social media. This means that if you target a more niche audience, you will have to build stronger relationships with them than you would with a mass audience.

Social media allows authors to connect with their audiences directly. These connections can lead to deeper relationships with consumers who have an interest in the particular subject matter of a particular book. However, the proliferation of social media also means that any self-publisher can quickly be overwhelmed by the volume of activity available to them. This is why so many traditional authors are turning to the self-publishing industry for help: self-publishers typically have a much smaller advertising budget than major publishing houses, and they have to rely on social media for marketing their books.

One way to use social media to market your books is to send personal messages to your potential audience on these platforms. As you network through your various accounts, you will find that you come across individuals who share similar tastes as you do. If you keep in touch with these beta readers regularly, you can gain access to a larger audience. If you don’t have time to personally interact with each individual, you can use a variety of other methods of author marketing, such as posting on social media sites or signing up for an author network. Either way, these personal messages can help you brand yourself as a knowledgeable, helpful author.

Another way to use social media to market your books is by creating and distributing author marketing materials. Book review sites, such as Novel Idea Finder or Yay, provide great opportunities for you to talk about your books and reach out to potential readers. You can also make these materials available for sale on social media sites. For example, one of the best places to put a release announcement for your novel is on Facebook.

Finally, one of the best ways to get noticed as an author is to make a mailing list of contact details for people who have expressed interest in buying your products. You can create a Facebook page and link it to your website or email list. Once you have gained access to a large audience through social media, you can use email lists to promote future book releases. This type of personal author marketing is likely to take some time, but the results will greatly improve your reader base and increase your credibility with potential customers.

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